Thai Massage

Athletes are among my largest group of clientele at Restorative Pathways Bodywork & Massage. My center is conveniently located in the old theater building in the village of Pinehurst, and golfers from Pinehurst Country Club often look for tips and services to relieve their muscle tension or pain. If you are experiencing any number of athletic pains or injuries, let me provide the specialized Thai Massage you need. Thai Massage Therapy can ameliorate numerous athletic pains and injuries, including golf elbow, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff/impingement, shoulder and neck injuries, muscle spasms, carpal tunnel syndrome and workout/bodybuilding injuries by combining stretching with massage therapy techniques. If you have big game coming up or need to resume your training, let me return you to optimal physical shape. I additionally perform a very relaxing Thai foot massage, incorporating aspects of Reflexology. To explore these Thai Massage services, go ahead and contact me at Restorative Pathways Bodywork & Massage or visit our center today.


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